Home Grown (off-shore)
Sustainable  investment

Invest in the world economy

Anywhere in the world, just not here.

The world is a big place.

Most of it is water or empty land, desert, mountains or ice-caps (for the moment).

Why not make the most of the tremendous opportunities available by investing in it?

By moving your money off-shore, you can help the poor and needy in other countries and reduce the risk of helping the poor and needy at home.

Think of it as supporting the global economy to put it on an equal footing with our poorest communities (so the Johnny Foreigners don't get any ideas about coming over and cluttering up the countryside.)

Think of it as Overseas Aid on a notional, temporary basis. 

... and by keeping clear, scrap-paper only records, you can reduce your carbon footprint so your butler doesn't have to wipe your shoes.


You don't have to go anywhere to invest - we do it all for you; this saves you time, money and energy and also helps the environment so we can stroll in it with our hunting dogs.

We take your money and hide it somewhere safe.

So safe, it cannot be found by those pesky tax collectors.

Think of it as the  World Hide and Seek Championships, with tremendous prizes!

And only we can enter.


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